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About Robin Andrews

"Here, on the edge of what we know,
in contact with the ocean of the unknown,
shines the mystery and the beauty of the world.
And it's breathtaking."


Robin George Andrews is a doctor of volcanology, science writer at I Fucking Love Science, Contributor at Forbes, science communicator, occasional lecturer, award-winning freelance photographer, and a Time Lord wannabe. Remember kids: snakes are like bits of rope - only angrier.


Any opportunity to spread inspiring science to non-scientists, to take beautiful photographs, to travel to both familiar and exotic places, to read my way through vibrant literature, to demystify the world with science, to see works by Van Gogh, to read books by Murakami, to cause a little mischief, and to take enormous risks and find that next adrenaline rush, I’ll take. My friends and my family are always at the forefront of my mind. And I’ll always sneak a reference to Doctor Who into a piece of otherwise extremely serious academic work or piece of science communication.










Doctor Robin George Andrews, MSci PhD ARSM FGS


"In heaven, all the interesting people are missing." - F. Nietzsche. Keep up the mischief, folks.

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